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Interior Floors for 10802 Shenandoah Farmhouse 
Product ID DIR-071
Interior Floors for 10802 Shenandoah Farmhouse

Set of 2 interior floor kits, compatible with Shenandoah Farmhouse (MBA Product 10802). Each floor kit contains all of the parts needed to create rooms, halls, and railings for each story of the Shenandoah Farmhouse building. Each floor section is designed to fit easily inside the resin buildings interior with the existing floor and stair case parts. Assemble each floor and place it in the building. The kit is designed for durability, ease of assembly and quick finishing. The durable plywood can be glued with common white glue or wood glue and can be painted with any paint you already use for miniature and terrain finishing.

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Price: $16.99


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